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Welcome to the home site for Royal Auto Group. Here you'll find everything you need to know about Saskatchewan's top Ford and Honda dealerships: Terry Ortynsky's Royal Ford and Royal Honda. We are not like any other dealerships in Canada because of our unique philosophy about customer service. Read about our philosophy here.

Our Story
Why choose Terry Ortynsky's Royal Ford and Royal Honda? With over 25 years in the business, and recognized as one of the car sales industry's top innovators, Royal Auto Group has become synonymous with great service, great customer care, great selection and great prices. Read more about Terry Ortynsky's story here.

Open Letter
Over the years Terry Ortynsky has introduced a number of business innovations to ensure people end up with the cars they want. Here, Terry addresses you, the customer, directly, on ways the auto industry has changed, how Terry Ortynsky's Royal Ford and Royal Honda have anticipated those changes, and what they have done to turn them to the customer's advantage.
We Make It Easy
Top management books have cited founder Terry Ortynsky as a leader in designing a car dealership with the customer in mind. This is not just a theory but a practice that translates directly to how you are treated as a valued customer. Read about how Terry and his staff have made Royal Ford and Royal Honda into premiere destinations for Prairie auto-buyers.

What Customers Say...
An excellent dealership! Friendly staff
always willing to help...
I really appreciate being remembered by my first name...
Everybody worked together to Make the Best Deal possible...
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Recent Awards
ABEX Award for Service (2011) Saskatchewan Chamber of Commerce
Canadian Social Media Award (2011)
Ford Motor Company of Canada
25 Years of Service (1985- 2010)
Ford Motor Company of Canada
Professional Salespersons' Summit Award (2011)
Ford Motor Company of Canada
President's Award (2009, 2010)
Ford Motor Company of Canada
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