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Nov 17, 2014

One thing at my short time so far with the Royal Auto Group I've noticed is Terry's focus on continually trying to improve the Dealerships.  Last week we brought in Gordon McGlinton and Heero Hacquebord from APT leadership over to Royal Ford for over a week to train some of the staff in Dr. Deming's philosophies.  This week more of us have traveled to Regina for another seminar.

Why does this matter to you, my dear reader?  In your own workplace or home you may have found that things could be better, more efficient, etc but have never really developed a plan or aim.  Hopefully by making the Dealerships more effective and efficient we can deliver to you the best product at the best possible price.

I'm sure that when you set forth to purchase a vehicle there have been doubts at the aim of the Dealership.  You may have encountered a commission styled Dealership who seem more interested in the sale.  With the Royal Auto Group we are more interested in the relationship.  We strive to be an easier experience without pressure.  Sales staff are on salary and are trained to deliver solutions, not a hunk of steel (or aluminum) with wheels.  We want you to be happy with the vehicle and have the support for maintenance down the line.  Because life happens.

Hopefully we are delivering, if not let us know on our Twitter, Facebook, Google +, or carrier pigeon if you prefer. is always there too if you want the more direct approach.

I'll try to stay on top of your requests in a timely fashion while in training, hopefully Gordon and Heero don't have access to meter sticks.

Kirk Just
New Media Manager
Royal Auto Group

Nov 12, 2014

Well it looks like winter has decided to start rolling in with all the cold weather we are currently experiencing so it is a good time to update everyone on the specials going on to make your winter driving experience better:
  • Currently at Royal Ford you can get a Winter Safety Package for free when you purchase a new vehicle during the Swap Your Ride event going on.  This package is also available for purchase from Service.  Just get in touch with our Service professionals to find the right mix of products for you.  Winter wipers are also available for $19.98.  These really help keep ice from collecting in the wiper blade.  Winter tire specials are also on.
  • Royal Honda has the It's Your Choice special going on right now where you can get the choice of either snow tires, remote start, extended warranty or even a snow blower with the purchase of a new 2014 Honda.  See the Honda Service professionals if you need advice on getting your vehicle ready for winter.
Winter is also forcing me to head inside in order to keep putting up content of our new and used inventory.  Quarters are going to be tight but there may be a new way to view the vehicles if everything works out.  As interesting as the Quicklane walls are to look at in the backgrounds hopefully this will look much better.  I also have a few tricks in mind provided the new software delivers as expected.

Keep warm,

Kirk Just
New Media Manager
Royal Auto Group

Nov 3, 2014

Hopefully everyone survived Halloween intact and are coming down from the sugar high.  If you follow our Facebook or Google+ (links below) you would have seen our posts of a couple of things from this past week:
  • We Scare Hunger donations were dropped off at the Food Bank.  Thanks to the Yorkton Regional High School for their contribution and all those who came down to Royal Ford with their donations.
  • The first annual Pumpkin Walk went off at Jaycee Beach.  See pictures from the walk taken by the guys at Honda on our Facebook.  It's posted to both Royal Ford's and Royal Honda's timeline so just pick your flavour.
  • Royal Ford's Mustang page should be going up shortly.  I'll provide a link here once it is ready.  Speaking of which the 2015 Mustang is available for viewing in the Royal Ford showroom and pictures should be up for viewing as soon as possible.  Keep watch on our Facebook, Google+ and Twitter for details.
I'm sure I'm missing something but I'll update the blog if it comes up.

Kirk Just
New Media Manager
Royal Auto Group

Oct 28,2014

For this week we have a few things to share:
  • Swap Your Ride at Ford is in it's Bonus Week.  Get an additional $500 off on top of the clearance pricing and the $1000 for Costco members!
  • The Gummie contest is still on at Honda and the Buy a Honda, Get a Honda event.
  • The 2015 Honda HR-V is on preview.  Read all about it here.
  • Get a preview of this week's Ford New and Used Specials here.
Stay up to date with what is going on by clicking the links to our Social Media channels below.  It's slippery out there today be safe and consider some winter tires, they really help!

Kirk Just
New Media Manager
Royal Auto Group

Oct 21, 2014

Currently at the Royal Auto Group we have a few new items to share:
  • Royal Honda just started up a new contest with the 2015 Honda Fit .  Come in and guess how many gummies are in the Fit for a chance to win a lease for a year!
  • Also at Royal Honda the Buy a Honda, Get a Honda event has started where if you purchase a new Honda you can receive a new Honda Snowblower!
  • At Royal Ford the Swap Your Ride Event is on (some details on the sidebar) with $1000 off for Costco members and a free winter safety package available.
  • We are still taking donations at Royal Ford in conjunction with the Yorkton Regional High School to donate to the local food banks.  Bring in any non-perishable foods to the new Accessory Truck in the showroom and we will take the donation over at the end of the month.
Click the links on the sites for our Facebook, Google+, Youtube, and Twitter pages.

Royal Decrees... it makes sense in my brain but I may work on that.  If you have any suggestions you can always drop us a line @  If it's 3 in the morning we might be asleep but that shouldn't be a barrier for a good idea.

We Make it Easy,

Kirk Just
New Media Manager
Royal Auto Group